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Whether you’re doing a summer class in Spain or studying there for years, ensure you understand the ins and outs of Spain’s student visa application.

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Chronic illness can make travel a nightmare. But, as Hallie found out, chronic illness shouldn’t stop you from achieving your studying abroad goals!

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Writer’s block can affect our studies – even if you’re writing on a topic that’s super interesting to you! Here are some helpful hints to use when stuck.

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There are tons of benefits to studying abroad; however, there are also numerous challenges. Consider the pros and cons of studying abroad before you decide!

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Want to finally learn Spanish, but aren’t sure what language school to pick? Follow Edward as he details the pros of learning Spanish at the Whee Institute.

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School-wide sporting events, cliches and food fights. Thanks to movies, the whole world recognizes American high school life. But what’s it really like?

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For first-time travelers in Asia, squat pots can be surprising! Have a stress-free trip to the porcelain throne with our tips on using Asian squat toilets.

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Every year, thousands of international students join the USA’s Greek life. But is it worth it? Here, Asumi reveals the REAL pros and cons of going Greek.

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Portia was determined to study abroad in the US. But when it came to the soul-searching task of choosing a study abroad destination, Sweden won. Here’s why.

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Laura explores whether underqualified international students are being exploited by universities due to their common status as full-fee paying students.

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Want to be the best host EVER when your friends visit from your home country? Then read these all-important tips on how to ace your entertainment duties!

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No matter the country, college dorm rooms always seem to lack personality. Follow these steps to make your home away from home a little more memorable!

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