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Gunning for graduate school after college could be the biggest. Mistake. EVER. Don’t let it be yours. Learn why overachievers should consider a gap year.

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One of the best countries to volunteer at is closer than you think! Here are our most compelling reasons why you should volunteer in the United States.

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Getting a post-graduate degree abroad might be a smart idea… but is it really? We look at the pros and cons of earning a post-graduate degree abroad.

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The new app HelloUni makes studying abroad easier by matching students with their dream universities, courses and scholarships on their mobiles. Read how!

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You don’t need to stop studying to travel. Instead, organize your school timetable so you can schedule in travel AND study sessions while you’re overseas!

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Being a woman in a male-dominated field of study can be stressful, ESPECIALLY when you’re abroad. Check out these tips on how to thrive and survive!

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Do you have safety concerns about studying abroad in America? Then before you head to the US, review these tip on how to keep you – and your stuff – safe.

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Learn about why you should study abroad with United World Colleges. Hint: cause you can study abroad for TWO YEARS with students from over 90 nationalities!

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The best way to master a foreign language is immersion. And studying abroad is as immersive as it gets! Here are some tips to how to make the most of this time.

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The differences between your home country’s education system and the one where you undergo exchange can completely change your studying habits! Here’s how.

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Having your first interview in a foreign language? Well here are tips and advice on how to prepare (and NAIL) the interview process!

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We follow Portia’s adventures and take a look at a typical week in her life as an exchange student in Sweden. Spoiler: it involves IKEA.

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