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Ready, set, study! Prepare for your Erasmus experience at Umea University with Daria’s insider know-how on apartments, public transport and student life.

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Got a serious case of wanderlust, but have nothing but air in your wallet? Then browse these neat-o ways to fund your time abroad WITHOUT diving into debt.

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Whether you want to earn a little extra money or make some new experiences, the Christmas holidays are the best time to land a vacation job! Here’s how.

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Summer holidays have passed and classes are just around the corner. Now’s the best time to prepare for the next academic year! Just follow these easy tips.

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Still puzzling over how long to study abroad? Take an in-depth look into the pros and cons of each study abroad length and pick what’s best for YOU!

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Here, Sam explores how the underfunding of English-taught classes at several Japanese universities is impacting the education of international students.

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Get ready for success with these great tips to help you land the dream internship you’ve been making heart eyes at for YEARS!

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Riding a bike in Tokyo is the ultimate Japanese experience. But not following these Tokyo cycling rules could land you a one-way ticket to bike jail…

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A TEFL qualification is a great door opener to a TON of opportunities, including teaching, traveling and learning. Wait till you find out why!

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Why the helvete did you pick Umea University is a question no student will ask after reading this article! Discover the wonders of Daria’s semester in Umea.

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Thousands of Italian students sit their maturità exam each year. But what is it? To answer this question, we take a look at the Italian graduation process!

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You throw your cap in the air, collect your degree and take some celebratory photos. Then, the dreaded question: “What happens next?” Read on to find out!

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