Why Car Travel Is The Best Mode Of Transport

There is something truly amazing about the emotions you get from traveling by a car. Something that brings light to the whole concept of the journey. The moment you leave your yard and wave goodbye to the friends and relatives – the very same moment you realize how much is still there ready for you – you realize how far away you plan to get.

My family and I live in the most Eastern part of Ukraine. However, this doesn’t prevent us from going as far West as possible in our old, beloved car, which is the true hero of this article. It has taken us thousands of kilometers away from home; from Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina to Germany and Italy.

This is a lyric digression, but car travelling definitely has some reasonable advantages:

  • First of all, it’s really much cheaper than any other mean of transport. Especially when you’re traveling as a family or a bunch of friends. You don’t have to buy tickets for every single person, pay luggage fees or fork out funds for a seat with legroom!
  • Secondly, with a car you can get to the most remote and difficult to reach places, like high mountains or wild beaches. Usually such places are hidden from the total flow of tourists. That’s why there no bus or train routes to them! So, if you have a car, just Google the place or address and then use your GPS to get there.
  • Thirdly, traveling by car is so emotional rewarding! This is something else I adore about car tourism. Do you have this kind of mood a few days before your trip when you can’t sit still ‘cause you want the journey to begin as soon as possible? That is what happens to me every time! And when I know that the journey will be a road trip, all the feelings double! Days before the journey begins, I think about it all the time. I imagine what the final destination looks like, how the city and locals act and whether I will fall in love with everything or not. And then we get there. All the locals seem to be surprised to see a Ukrainian car in their distance Greek village. They follow us with their eyes opened wide and I notice how they start whispering to each other. Instantly, a thought emerges in my mind: “We’ve done it! We’ve managed!” And this thought is a constant pleasure.
  • Moreover, traveling by a car is also more convenient in terms of luggage and shopping. You just put all the stuff inside the boot and never have to care how much you have and how heavy it is (unlike other forms of travel!). Isn’t that one great plus to add to the basket of car tourism advantages?
  • Finally, for me, road tripping is a way to enjoy our planet and connect with it more deeply than ever. It makes you realize that you can walk out of your house and then find yourself miles away – no matter how far it is and how many boundaries are there on your way – but one single thing will not change: you will be under the same sky. I clearly remember the moment when I first felt this feeling. We were in the middle of a recent journey, somewhere in between Kiev and Lviv. It was close to 11pm and I was looking out of the car window. I was a bit sleepy and pleasurably tired. I saw a constellation. It was Ursa Major. I was impressed how easy it was to identify it and how stunning the whole night sky was. We passed by and left Ukraine, drove through Hungary, stayed for a couple of days in Serbia, passed Macedonia and finally got to our destination – a small village in Greece. I looked out of the same window of the car. And what do you think I saw? The same constellation; still sitting in the sky, despite how much time had passed and how far away we’d managed to get. The same sky full of stars was still there shining for us.

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