The Best Hotspots In Madrid To Unleash Your Inner Hipster

I am a really big fan of discovering fun hotspots in the big cities. Take a look at the Spanish capital Madrid! We all know the bigger, touristic places in Madrid like the Royal Palace, Gran Via Street and the Retiro Parc. If you are okay with visiting the big places and eating at the bigger places in the center of Madrid, that is absolutely fine! However, every hipster (like me) loves to discover more unique places. I am going to share the best hipster places in Madrid with you.


La Bicicleta cafe @ Malasaña

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A hipster coffee bar and workspace in a hipster district! All filled with vintage furniture and alternative people who talk about their weekend or do their homework.. If you do not need caffeine, you can also go for a mojito or craft beer. After 8pm, they will turn up the music. The café will turn into a busy lounge space for all the hipsters in the neighborhood!

Lolina Vintage @ Malasaña

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A cute café and bar in the middle of the district Malasaña. You will feel at home immediately when you enter the café. You will find many people doing their homework in the morning and afternoon with coffee or lunch next to their laptops. A normal coffee is only €1,30! Also, make sure to try their delicious ‘tostas’.

Café de la Luz @ Malasaña

Café de la Luz is a very cozy place to have a great lunch or coffee. It has a very nice living room atmosphere! Be aware, there is also a cozy place downstairs to sit down! Usually it is busy so make sure to come early for a great seat. Also, their quiche is very tasty!


La Musa @ Malasana & La Latina

Your Madrid journey is never complete without a visit to La Musa, one of the greatest restaurants to serve tapas! Have a seat in their well furnished restaurant and enjoy! Also, the cocktails are very nice. Be sure to make a reservation before you arrive, because the restaurant is always busy. Go to that place with your friends and share your dishes. I am an average eater so usually I spend only €15,- (incl. drinks) there!

El Viajero @ La Latina

El Viajero is a great bar to have tapas. The tapas are very tasty and cheap (I spend around €15,- excl. drinks there). It is highly recommended to go to the rooftop in the spring and summer. Be aware that they do not allow reservations; it is first come, first serve. The rooftop bar is also usually very busy!

Mercado de San Ildefonso @ Fuencarral

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A retro place to be! A big place with several food tents where you can enjoy some great food. If you want to try several kinds of dishes, you can choose smaller portions, so you will get this tapas style of dinner. There is a live DJ there for some great music. Also, go to the top of the Mercado to enjoy some great drinks!

Ôven Mozzarella bar @ Gran Via

Do you love Italian food? If yes, make sure you visit Ôven Mozarella Bar! The interior is very nice and cozy as well. I recommend the pizzas, because the pastas is not that much better than all the other Italian restaurants. Also, they have one of the best sangrias in Madrid.


Ojala @ Malasaña

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There is unfortunately no beach in Madrid. But don’t stress. Take a look at Ojala! This is a great place to have some cocktails and/or other drinks. Make sure to go downstairs and take your shoes off, because there is a beach downstairs! Ojala is a pretty popular place for many people in Malasaña, so I recommend you to make a reservation before going to Ojala. Vamos a la playa!

Vacaciones @ Malasaña

If you are not able to enter Ojala because it is too crowded, no worries! Almost next to Ojala there is cute place called Vacaciones. Vacaciones serves very great drinks as well. Their mojito is just €6,- and the beer around €2,-. Make sure to sit inside, because their interior is very cute! De nada!

Irreale @ Malasaña

If you love craft beer, make sure to visit Irreale!  They offer very great craft beers. Most of the craft beer will be tapped and you can choose between a small beer (33cl) and a big beer (50cl). The prices depends on the beer; a small beer is around €3 – €4 and a large beer is around €5 – €6.

Barbara Ann @ Alonso Martinez

Barbara Ann looks chic and they offer great drinks as well. Make sure to go a bit earlier in the evening to enjoy a great seat and a great view of the chic interior. You can also stay at Barbara Ann for a good dance. Their play a lot of sing-a-long songs and the bartenders are very fun to watch as well!

El Fabuloso Coconut Bar @ Malasaña

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Aloha! In my opinion this is one of the best hidden places in Madrid.  I passed this bar so many times and never noticed how awesome it looks when you really go inside! You will be amazed by the nice coconut scent when you enter the bar. Enjoy your drinks and make sure to go downstairs! You will be amazed by the nice interior, which makes you feel that you are in Hawaii!

Have you already been in Madrid? What were your favorite places? Let me know!

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