Baerista: Why Your Barista Is Your One True Bae While Studying Abroad

Coffee: the drug of choice for most students. Coffee beautiful and so is the barista that makes it. I mean think about it: they spend most of their day slaving behind a hot counter taking orders from and making drinks for tired/non-functioning students for a small wage and still find time to study, pass their exams and have a great time! Honestly, they are superheroes. They see you every day (often multiple times a day) and, whether hungover, exhausted, studying or just needing to relax, they’ve got you covered. Here is why your barista is really your one true bae when you go on a semester abroad!

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Sugar-free friendship group

So, you’ve just arrived in a new country and you’re looking for a new group of friends? You could do a lot worse than your barista. On top of them being one of the most popular people on campus (seriously, just watch them, they know e-very-body!), the nature of their job kind of makes them friendliest people on campus. Worst case scenario? You find a great group of people to grab the occasional drink with, not to mention a tonne of new people to drive you around should you ever need it (ride to the airport anyone?).



When you go abroad you turn your entire life upside down: new friends, new food, new culture and possibly even a new language. All of this can become a little overwhelming, especially as you have to deal with classes and papers and trying to adapt to a completely new way of life. With a constantly changing schedule, it is often nice to have a little bit of continuity – to have a group of faces that you see every day for a nice chat and a little bit of normality in amongst the occasional chaos that can arise when studying abroad (especially if you use the coffee shop as a study-base)! In my first semester abroad it was often those little chats throughout the day with my barista (the coffee addiction is real) that kept me sane when everything else was becoming a little overwhelming.

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I think it is fair to say that everybody enjoys free things and, while there are no guarantees in life (apart from your camera dying just as the perfect shot appears – not that we’re still going on about that or anything… that would be childish), being on good terms with your barista is a great start! While rare, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a free coffee, and you can never overestimate the power of a free caffeine hit on your day!

So, next time you get your morning cuppa, flash a smile, make a friend, take advantage of having a friendly face in a new place.

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Alex Feal

Alex is a student at the University of Edinburgh currently studying abroad at the University of Mississippi. Originally from Spain, Alex found the cold weather of London and Edinburgh too much to handle so escaped to the American South to get back to sunning himself by the pool. A travel aficionado and complete coffee addict, Alex hopes to get into teaching history at international schools when he's older, using their exotic locations and long holidays as bases from which to further explore the world. Often found with a camera in-hand, you can follow him on his travels on instagram as well as on his blog


  1. One thing I liked about working as a barista was serving people their coffee and having the casual little chats. I learn a lot about them and how their week has been. It brings customer service to a different level. Reading this made me miss doing that job!

    1. I feel like having a barista who you kind of know and can have a chat to almost makes the coffee taste better too on the other side!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the read!

  2. The true joy of being a Barista is not just making the coffee, but making the coffee for those who make our day just by coming in. Sometimes, us Baristas, need a pick me up too, but our pick me up is the smile of our everydays after the long line of frowns and people who only see us as providing a service. Thanks for being my “everyday”.

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