Anchor Yourself To Home, But Don’t Stay Put

If you have at least a drop of wanderlust within yourself, you yearn for the places you haven’t seen before. Perhaps your need to travel makes you feel like you could go on like this forever; being a nomad, making your home wherever you would travel to. I believe every one of us travelers has had this feeling before. Why stay in one place, when the world offers so many places you could live in?

This profound excitement for the life on the road might make us ignore some of the cons of the nomadic way of living. As much as it is important to travel, broaden your horizons and expirience living in foreign places, it is also of great significance to have a place (and people) you can return to.

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However, it is true that home means different things for different people. Some might not need an  exact location to feel at home, because they find their nest with the people who share the road with them. Home can also be the van you are travelling in. Anchoring yourself to something, whatever it is – a person, a thing or a place that you return to – is, for most of us, an essential thing that makes us feel whole. Perhaps you don’t need the comfort of your own bed or someone you’d wish to hug after a long journey. Perhaps you need both. We are after all so different from one another and require various things to feel happy and satisfied.

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As social beings, we need to have a sense of belonging. This is very hard to attain if we are constantly moving from one place to another. Even if we do visit friends and places from home once in a while, it can be hard to keep the relationships on the same level of quality. People, as well as places, do change after time. If we are not there, we miss out. That does not mean we have to miss out on life, but it does mean that we are not as integrated into society as we could be. Perhaps some people don’t need to feel as a part of something, but life sure is much easier if we are.

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Integrating into a new place is something that takes time and is anything but simple. It is the final piece of the puzzle; one that makes us a part of the local society, makes us feel at home and makes the place we live in accept us as its own. But there is also another factor of ”home” that goes beyond ourselves. If we look at travelling as a way to participate our share to the society, what it gives us is a new perception of what we can do for our own growth and the growth of our local community as well. What we collect thorugh our journeys around the world is not just something we let go of after we experience it. We either apply it to our lives as the ways to live by or include it into our local community, for the sake of seeing it improve. It’s all about thinking globally, acting locally.

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There is no exact definition of what a home should look like, but I hope you create or find your own.  At the end of the day, the places you’ve seen and the people you’ve met during your travels will contribute to finding the home at least within yourself, if nothing else.




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