A Typical Thanksgiving In America, Explained With Gifs

Thanksgiving: although it’s celebrated in several countries around the world, the most notorious Thanksgiving festivities without a doubt belong to the US of A. Occurring on the fourth Thursday of each November, and first celebrated in the 17th century (marked by the infamous feast between the Pilgrims and Native Americans), Thanksgiving has been celebrated sporadically throughout America’s history over the last few centuries. Fortunately, we’ve stuck with the amazing tradition of marking the occasion with an elaborate, extravagant meal, but that’s not all that happens on this magical day.

You’ll likely meet up with some relatives, which will make you feel either more comfortable, or extremely stressed out. It’s highly probable you’ll make this motion at least once throughout the day:


Some families like to watch football on Thanksgiving. Others like to play it. For those of us who are less athletic, it usually looks something like this:

thanksgiving in america - football

But let’s be honest here, these things are mere distractions from what the day is really about: FOOD.

thanksgiving in america - turkey

thanksgiving in america - food

And when the amazing moment finally comes (otherwise known as, ahem, *DINNER TIME!!*) you might react this way:

thanksgiving in america - excited

Or like this:

thanksgiving in america - YES

…or maybe even like this:

thanksgiving in america - yum

And no matter how you celebrate the day, we all shamelessly stuff our faces the same way.

thanksgiving in america - wings

thanksgiving in america - stuff your face

thanksgiving in america - nom nom

After your meal, it’s time to sit back, relax, and reflect on what you’re truly thankful for. That is, until you inevitably fall into a turkey-induced coma.

thanksgiving in america - sleepy

thanksgiving in america - zzz

What’s your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

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