Alternative Uses For Tinder: Tips And Tricks For International Students

Tinder: you love it, you hate it, and you love to hate it. We’ve all been there, right? We absent-mindedly swipe while bored in class, eating dinner and during study sessions (shhh, don’t tell mom). Even if using it makes you hate the world, there are alternative uses for Tinder that might actually be worth your time.

Here are 5 tried and true alternative uses for Tinder that any international student can use.

1.Language Exchange

Alternative uses for tinder - language exchange

Is English your second language? Tinder is a great way to brush up on your speaking skills. Let people know you’re looking for someone to practice English with and get swiping! Bonus points if your new partner is trying to learn a language you already speak too!

2. Exploring From a Local’s Perspective

Alternative uses for tinder - explore like a local

Whether you’ve just moved somewhere new or are looking for some new places to hang in your hometown, Tinder is an incredible way to get to know a city. Use the app to ask locals what their favorite restaurants, hidden gems, or best secret hideouts are. The good people of Tinder will steer you away from the tourist traps and towards the local watering holes, where you’ll REALLY start to feel like a local.

3. Find a Concert Buddy

Alternative uses for tinder - concert buddy

Did your bestie flake on you? Want to see a heavy metal band and can’t get any of your friends to come with you? Use Tinder to make sure that ticket doesn’t go to waste! The social app is a great way to connect with people with similar interests, just make sure you have your wits about you when meeting them for the first time!

4. Getting People to Come to Your Improv Show/Gallery Opening/Avant-garde Flute Performance

Alternative uses for tinder

If you and your cohorts in the performing arts need to sell tickets or simply put butts in seats, consider putting together a Tinder Social group. One of Tinder’s latest innovations, Tinder Social allows you to connect with other groups of people who are going out tonight. Want more people to see your slam poetry sesh tonight? Get your poet friends to join a Tinder group, then invite other groups to meet you at the show! Not only will you sell some tickets, you’ll meet some cool people too.

5. Get an A on Your Next Class Project

Alternative uses for tinder - school work

Are you a psych major? Create multiple profiles and see what traits get more matches. A comms major? Create profiles that serve as an ad campaign or public service announcement. Tinder is basically one big social experiment anyway, so why not get a killer grade for using it?

What are your alternative uses for Tinder?

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