7 Ways To Treat Yo Self During Fall Break

Fall break is fast approaching – can you believe it?! Between getting settled in on campus, midterms and mountains of homework I haven’t even had time to start thinking about what to do with my time off. Whether you’re staying on campus or heading out of town, here are 7 ways you can treat yo self during fall break.

1. Have a Staycation

Sometimes you can’t afford a weekend getaway, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yo self to a staycation! Be a tourist for a few days – visit the museum you’ve always wanted to see but have never found the time to actually visit, wander around a part of town you haven’t spent much time in or spend the day in a new coffee shop with a good book! Breaking out of your routine can be just as rejuvenating and invigorating as visiting a new city (just make sure you treat yo self to some zzz’s too).

2. Turn Your Dorm Room into a Day Spa

Dudes, this one’s not only for the ladies. If you’re staying on campus for fall break, take advantage of the quiet campus with a DIY spa weekend! Stock up on face masks, nail polish and deep conditioning treatments at your local drug store or make your own treatments at home (the internet is FLOODED with recipes). Put on some relaxing music, put your cell phone on airplane mode and let yourself unplug and unwind. It’s amazing what a little pampering can do for your mental well being.

3. Plan a Road Trip

Although fall break isn’t as long as spring break, you can take inspiration from spring break vacation ideas! Services like Turo will let you rent a car for a few days without hitting you with an “under-25” fee! Pick a new city to visit or plan a route that will take a full weekend – the simple act of driving will let your brain disconnect from school work and flex a very different set of muscles. Just don’t go all Thelma and Louise on us.

4. Try a New Hobby

Have you always wanted to learn how to watercolor? Code? Kick box? Write a novel? Use your fall break time to learn something for YOU. There are tons of free tutorials available on YouTube and a lot of bloggers offer free materials if you subscribe to their mailing list. Do some searching online and set aside a few hours to practice a new hobby!

5. Line Up a Movie Marathon

Netflix and ACTUALLY chill by loading up on popcorn and candy and piling as many pillows and blankets into your room as you can to create your own cozy mini movie theatre. Most school libraries allow you to check out DVDs with your student ID – take advantage of the free flicks! Plan a theme like “90s Classics” (Clueless, Forrest Gump, The Lion King and Jurassic Park) “Wild West” (High Noon, Django Unchained, Dances with Wolves and Blazing Saddles) or “Bloody Brilliant” (Pulp Fiction, Tropic Thunder and Saving Private Ryan).

6. Indulge in a Treat

You’ve been working hard – you deserve something decadent! Visit your favorite cupcake shop or restaurant for something a little extra special.

7. Host a Family Dinner

Chances are you won’t be the only one on campus during fall break. Get together some of your friends and plan a family dinner! Cooking a meal together is a great way to deepen friendships and eat some DELICIOUS food. Everyone has family recipes or favorite dishes from all over the world – a simple dinner can easily become a cultural exchange.

How are you spending YOUR fall break?

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Angela is a writer, traveller and human being from Chicago, IL. After attending school at Loyola University and working in the world of experiential marketing (where she did wacky things like crane cars onto roofs, ride in the Batmobile and pal around with famous dogs) she started writing and traveling full time. Traveling to a different city every month, she spends her days going to museums, meeting locals and searching for the best tacos the world has to offer.

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