6 Ways To Stop Being Busy And Start Being Productive

I have a friend who always complains about being busy. He is so obsessed with his busy-ness that the office work and other tasks that need to be done are left unattended to. In short, he’s so busy “being busy” that he can hardly keep track of the simplest of tasks.

We’re all guilty of this from time to time – myself included. Between checking emails, Facebook, Twitter and “accidentally” spending tons of time on sites like Reddit or Clickhole, hours are wasted and we push ourselves to the brink of mental exhaustion. Our insistence on staying busy can have damaging effects on our mental well-being: more stress, exhaustion, burnout, and an inability to focus on the present. We are all guilty of it; but the good news is we can mindfully take control of our time and STOP. BEING. BUSY.

To stop being busy and start being productive try these tips:

1. Stop Talking About Being Busy

Frequently insisting that you’re busy will actually make you feel MORE busy (and, as the Americans’ Use of Time Survey has shown, we’re not nearly as busy as we think).

stop being busy - talking

2. Do Not Take On Every Task

Taking on every task that comes your way makes you less efficient. Taking on too many tasks will result in inefficient and ineffective work. Saying “no” when there’s too much on your plate is better for your long-term well-being.

stop being busy - say no

3.Stop Multi-Tasking During Leisure Time

It’s easy to accidentally spend your entire lunch break checking emails, social media or worrying about studying. When you take some time away from work or school, REALLY disconnect. Work on a hobby or other activity you love. Watch the trashiest TV shows. Live your life! You should acknowledge when you’re taking a break. Don’t multitask—enjoy the free time.

stop being busy - multitasking

4. Prioritize

Try classifying your tasks for the day as necessary. Put them in order from most important to least important, ensuring more time is spent on necessary tasks. Try not spend time constantly checking your email and social media accounts. You cannot do everything at once! Use an online tool like the Tomato Timer (which will help you practice the Pomodoro technique of productivity).

stop being busy - multitasking

5. Do not let others distract you

Do not let your co-workers or fellow students distract you; make sure you concentrate on completing the task at hand. If you give all your energy only into the task that you are working on, you will see that it will take you less time to complete.

stop being busy - distractions

6. Get enough sleep and schedule breaks

People who don’t sleep well at night tend to be more forgetful than people who sleep soundly. It helps to sleep early and get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night and follow these tips to help you stay awake during the day. Refresh your mind by setting breaks and staying away from your desk.

stop being busy - sleep

What tips and tricks help you stay on-task?

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