4 Reasons To Become A Rakbo Contributor

Rakbo Nation is looking for new recruits.

As we continue to expand and grow, we’re looking for more contributors to write about life as a student here in America.

So if you’re interested in multilingual journalism, digital publication, building online communities, or simply sharing your experiences with a passionate and fun community… we’ve got the job for you.

Still on the fence? Well check out some of these great reasons to jump in and become a Rakbo “Writer at Large” now…

1. Improve Your Writing Skills

Whether you’re from the US and have been communicating in English your whole life, or you’ve had to learn for your time studying in America, writing for Rakbo can help you improve by leaps and bounds.

Besides having an award-winning playwright on staff as your Editor-in-Chief, along with two fantastic founders who are former international students themselves, writing on a regular basis for us will vastly improve your written communication skills.

Malcolm Gladwell claims that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become world-class at an activity, so why not start now? Write once a week, or twice a month, or whatever schedule helps you sharpen those scribing skills.

The feedback you’ll receive can help you learn more about grammatical structure, develop your own voice, and perfect the art of essay structure. These are skills that won’t just help you in the classroom—they’ll help you once you’re ready to get a job, as well.

2. Professional Development

Speaking of getting a job…

Many jobs will look to your writing skills as a key decision-maker when they’re thinking about hiring you. They may even ask you for a writing sample.

Luckily, if you’re a Rakbo contributor, you’ll have plenty of samples to show them. But even if they don’t ask for samples, being able to include your writing experience on a resume will definitely be a plus.

You’ll receive your own byline, and have the opportunity to have your voice heard by millions. This will, in turn, will boost your personal brand as you look for more professional opportunities, which will certainly help give you some interesting talking points when applying and interviewing for a job.

PLUS! We’re an ever-expanding team, and experience as a Writer-at-Large could easily lead to a position with us. From an online community manager, to an editor, to a digital market strategist—there could be a future for you at Rakbo!

3. International Connections

Besides just the Rakbo staff and fellow contributors, becoming a Writer-at-Large will give you connections to our whole Rakbo audience from all over the world. For every article you post, you’ll have more opportunities to meet and engage with students just like you.

When you write for us, you’ll have the chance to impact the lives of our readership—because though you’ll be sharing your experience, what you share will serve as a resource for students from across the globe. They’ll listen to your opinions, respond in the comment section, and may even start following you regularly!

Our goal is to create a worldwide community, on and offline—so who knows? Maybe next time you’re staying in a city with which you’re unfamiliar you’ll run into someone you’ve met through Rakbo.

4. Have Fun

Sometimes with all of the essays and homework in college, we forget that writing should be fun. It’s a chance to express yourself and share a point of view—and at Rakbo we want to give you that chance.

Got some fun ideas for traveling on a road trip? Share it! Want to talk about the best TV shows to unwind with during finals week? Go for it!

No matter your passions or interests, as a Writer-at-Large we want Rakbo to feel like your playground. Write about what you want, and what you wish someone had told you throughout your time as a student.


Ready to get started? Head to to learn more about the position and get in touch with us about applying today!

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Hank Greene

Hank Greene is an award-winning playwright, comedy writer, and freelance writer/editor living in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to his writing and editing work, Hank serves as the Resident Playwright at the Bloomington Playwrights Project, the Literary Manager at the Adirondack Theatre Festival, and as a Co-Founder and Owner of the acclaimed sketch comedy trio Vienna Juvenile. He is a proud alumnus of Indiana University where he graduated with degrees in Sociology and History.

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