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Busting Those 18+ Travel Myths

Traveling means letting your hair down… and sometimes your pants, too. But trusting in these 18+ travel myths can be unsafe. Here, we clear the confusion.
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Why You Should Ditch Routine While Studying Abroad

Are you a sucker for routine? So was Mary until she studied abroad and realized how important it was to embrace spontaneity! Read on to hear her insights.
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Being Disabled Abroad: Helpful Tips And Essentials

Traveling is hard enough for the able-bodied. But when you're disabled, it's a NIGHTMARE! Here's everything you need to know about being disabled abroad.
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The Five Types Of Scotch Whiskies And Why I Hate Them All

Scotch whiskies rank high in Scottish identity, but they don't rank high on everyone's to-drink list. Emily taste-tests whisky from each region to see why.
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12 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid While Studying Abroad

Don't let your rookie mistakes mar your studying abroad experience! Here are 12 of the most common no-no's you should avoid for a regret-free time!
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Your Travel Guide To Oklahoma

Dive into the heart and soul of Oklahoma, America's Sooner State, with our in-depth travel guide to its famed tourist hot spots and geographical wonders!
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