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Communication Lessons You Learn From Your Host Family

Living with a host family is a hilarious (and unending) lesson on communication. Find out what YOU will learn from your host family before you even arrive!
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Why Overachievers Should Consider A Gap Year

Gunning for graduate school after college could be the biggest. Mistake. EVER. Don't let it be yours. Learn why overachievers should consider a gap year.
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A Minute History Of Auckland

Experience the history of New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, from its recent Maori settlement to its current standing as the City of Sails.
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The Greatest Cities To Visit In The Netherlands

Want to visit those beautiful Dutch cities, but not sure which ones to see? Get exploring with our list of the greatest cities to visit in the Netherlands!
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Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once In Your Lifetime

While experiencing new places with friends or family is ALWAYS an exciting adventure, there are tons of beneficial reasons why you should travel alone, too.
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Your Weekend Guide To Budapest

Budapest has everything: stunning architecture, top-class museums and amazing nightlife. For a PERFECT vacation away, here's your weekend guide to Budapest.
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