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Why I Chose To Study Abroad In Sweden Instead Of The US

Portia was determined to study abroad in the US. But when it came to the soul-searching task of choosing a study abroad destination, Sweden won. Here's why.
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Tips To Help You Pick The Best Study Abroad Location In Australia

Got your eye on the land Down Under, but not sure where to set up camp? Read this article to determine the best study abroad location in Australia for YOU!
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An Introverts Look Into Why Solo Travelers Should Visit Denmark

Denmark has a lot to offer travelers... but how does fare for adventurers traveling on their lonesome? Self-confessed introvert Kendall puts it to the test.
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8 USA Summer Holiday Destinations For Students On A Budget

Need a vacation destination in the USA that WON'T break the bank? Then check out these summer holiday destinations for students on a budget!
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The Perks Of Traveling With An Organised Tour Group

When considering your travel options, don’t be too quick to rule out organised tours. Instead, check out the pros to traveling with an organised tour group.
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Why Greece Is Too Good Not To Explore

Are you wondering what all the hype surround Greece is about? Well, wonder not more! Here, we reveal why Greece is too good not to explore.
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