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The Benefits Of A Long-Distance Relationship

A long-distance relationship isn't all doom and gloom. There are PLENTY of benefits it can offer, too. Find out what these are here!
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Your Weekend Guide To Helsinki

Helsinki offers many one-off travel experiences, from chowing down on reindeer to seeing the midnight sun. But is it for you? Find out in our weekend guide!
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What It’s Like Camping In Normandy

Got that camping itch but not sure where to pitch your tent? Then gather around the campfire as Roxi relives her time camping in Normandy, France.
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How To Reduce Overseas University Fees

Don't let university fees stop you from studying abroad! Instead, learn how to knock a few bucks off your overseas university fees in next to no time!
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10 Amazing Places To See In Sicily

Despite being a small island, Sicily is PACKED with awe-inspiring treasures! Get a taste of the authentic Sicilian life by exploring these amazing spots!
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How To Make A DIY Pin Map For Your Travels

Say bonjour to the travel wall art of your dreams! With just a few inexpensive items (and a few simple steps), you can make your OWN DIY pin map!
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