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Here, Sam explores how the underfunding of English-taught classes at several Japanese universities is impacting the education of international students.

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In light of recent terrorism attacks, you might be questioning whether France is still safe for travel. Here, Ondine sheds light on the situation.

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Laura explores whether underqualified international students are being exploited by universities due to their common status as full-fee paying students.

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With new countries comes new risks. In the US, sexual assault on campus is a very real threat. Here, victims from Ole Miss voice their concerns to Alex.

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The new app HelloUni makes studying abroad easier by matching students with their dream universities, courses and scholarships on their mobiles. Read how!

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Nuria discusses her attempts to remain unpolitical during her semester abroad, which occurs during a historically and politically critical time in the US.

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All countries have a gender gap. But in some countries, this gap is wider than others. Here, we take a look at existing gender gaps in popular Western countries.

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我们不知道他是否能够Make America Great Again,但是至少能在他身上看到想要改变的希望,而不是继续挣扎在过去那一尘不变的泥沼,坐以待毙。

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So you, just like all of the other 1.36 Million International Students studying in the US are probably wondering what a Trump presidency means for you.

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